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In 2018 I launched my first handmade skincare business learned a lot of different tips and tricks. Launched this business with minimal budget. In 2020 with the world slowing down I took a step back to evaluate where I'd really like to be a year from now and it led me to helping others start their own handmade skincare business by providing accessible guides on my Youtube channel and digital templates to make their lives easier.LettsBend's Owner Ashley

My name is Ashley and I focus mainly on youtube. I do have an Instagram's @lettsblend; however it is not my main priority at the moment. As of right now I am focusing on my youtube family. You can contact me at lettsblend@gmail.com.

I no longer offer physical products in my store online or in person. You can find my digital templates and a few accessories as a way to support my business and to help with your formulating needs. 

Thank you for your continued support.