Why Ashley started LettsBlendMakers!

Why Ashley started LettsBlendMakers!


Non-traditional blogger alert!

I’m writing this blog post to introduce myself and why I do what I do, but first, I need to express how shocked and excited I am that I am living in my purpose! I’ve wanted to be an entrepreneur, a maker,for years.


Let’s backtrack to how I started my journey. Six years ago, I was still in college and going through the motions. I was young and I had no idea who I was or what I wanted to do with my life. The only thing I knew for sure was that I loved the natural lifestyle industry. I spent time researching and studying herbs, essential oils, and the natural wonders of the world from skincare to medicinal herbs. Although I knew I loved the industry, I had no idea how to turn an interest into a career.


I became a mother in September 2016, and I decided it was time to start a business. So I ordered supplies, did tests, made samples and researched more ways to make my craft better. BUT the issue was I had the supplies and enough knowledge from all my research to create a killer product but not the MINDSET needed to run a business. As a result, I dwindled back to the depressed, uninspired, and confused person I was before. 


Fast forward to December 2017. I was still researching and getting inspired by others success and I still felt bad that I had not gained any traction in my own endeavours. Then BAM I got fired from my online gig! Guess what? I dwindled  right back down the rabbit hole to depression. But then I get caught by my safety net once more, and I got another online gig. I also started taking my life in my own hands and went to school to get certified in holistic spa management. That was the only thing that felt right in my life. 


In August of 2018, I got fired again! Now if that wasn’t a sign, then I don’t know what is. As a result, I thought I’d do lashes. So I took a lash course, and after practicing and growing my Instagram page for about three months, I realized it wasn’t my passion. During that time, I started doing my mindset training, which helped me grow and stick through the thick and thins of my business. If it weren’t for my new mindset, I wouldn’t be here right now in this position. 


I noticed after a few months that the industry lacked unity. As an up and comer, I found it hard to get help from people in the industry when Google couldn’t answer my questions. Some people even got offended if I asked. I use to take it personally and judge them, but as time passed, I started to understand why they withheld information. Personally, I rather not live my life like that.


I stumbled upon an amazing YouTuber who shares the blueprint to a natural skincare business. Her tips and guidance  helped me put my training from school and all my previous research to work. I was able to combine all my desires and created a product. As a result, I wanted to become the go-to person for beginners or anyone who needs information or tips during their journey. I truly believe this is the way for me to help others who were or are in the position that I was. 


I decided to bring Lettsblendmakers to the world. I want to share what went wrong for me and also what I’m learning along the way. I share suppliers and answer your questions of what may have worked for me and what didn’t. If I don’t know something, I’ll find someone who does to point you in the right direction.  In addition to that, you can also find people in my community who may have the answers to your questions in our safe place.



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