About us

Origin of LettsBlend LLC

As you can tell LettsBlend is a home-based business. This business was not an overnight idea. It took us four years to finally start our product line, but due to unfortunate events, we had to put our plans and goals for LettsBlend on hold. 

During this break, we used the time to do much research and took the time to get certified in holistic spa management. As a result, we were taught more in-depth information about the skin and its reaction to various essential oils and carriers oils. This knowledge not only assisted in your success but gave us the ammunition we needed to push this product line to the front line. We were now proud to say we are certified in this field. 
Our owner Ashley Dunn has used her experience while transforming her personal life to a more natural and wellness lifestyle; to create our luxury mixtures.  She is driven by the creation of he new family and achievements thus far. 
Just like our products; her drive comes from years of trying to figure out her path in life and continuously putting her dreams on the back burner. It wasn't until she became a wife and gave life to a little human; that she realized something needed to be done. She went from ventures to ventures, until she decided to focus on her original dream and path.