Pumpkin Glory

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Pumpkin Glory Bodi Butta

Our signature pumpkin-inspired bodi butter includes the moisturizing and skin-soothing properties of our other bodi butta but this has a twist of spice. It also has the skin deep moisture provided from the avocado oil.

This bodi butta gives each customer a different scent note. Whether it's the freshly baked pumpkin pie or the gingerbread scent or the nice nutmeg and spice aroma; this butter covers all the bases for the fall lover.

Product Use:

  • To Moisturize your skin and leave it feeling soft and subtle.
  • Relieve your skin from dryness.
  • Soothe irritated skin.
  • soften rough scarred skin.
  • ease the itchiness caused by dry skin due to psoriasis & eczema.

Recommended Use:

  • Apply your bodi butta twice a day or as needed.
  • Once in the morning after a nice shower and again in the night before bed or after a shower.
  • Massage butter into the skin.

*Please refrain from storing this mixture in an extremely warm environment.*


  • Shea Butter for extra moisture
  • Mango Seed Butter because the skin absorbs it so quickly,
  • Avocado oil (Persea gratissima)
  • Essential Oil (Lavandula Angustifolia, Tea Tree oil, Fragrance oil, Avena Sativa Kernel Flour.)


Shelf life - 12 Months Items are Handmade, All Natural, Non-Toxic & Cruelty-Free! Our products are made in small batches to ensure freshness. Thank you for shopping with LettsBlend. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please email me. Feel free to connect with us on Instagram @LettsBlend Check our website for special offers, updates & more. Click the link to check out our full store LettsBlend.

*This product is not approved by the FDA and is not intended to cure, diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.*

Allergen warning: Shea butter is made from a tree nut, Almond Oil is also derived from the seed of the fruit. Please refrain from purchasing a scented product if you're sensitive to fragrance oils.


ATTENTION: WHEN TRYING A NEW PRODUCT IT IS ALWAYS RECOMMENDED TO DO A SKIN PATCH TEST BEFORE USE. Please do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients listed above.


For external use only. Keep out of reach from children.
Avoid contact with eyes.
I am not a doctor and none of these claims have been evaluated by the FDA.
Please speak to your doctor if you're pregnant, or have any health problems you may have before using natural skin care products.
If an allergic reaction occurs LettsBlend isn't liable, use at your own risk.
All facts, details & recommendations are provided for information only and are not intended to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any diseases.
For further questions please feel free to email us, we usually reply within 4 hours.
We aren't responsible for items lost during shipment.



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